This mini-printer makes memos anywhere with zero ink refills

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Is it proprietary thermal paper rolls? Or generic?


Reviews of the andriod app suggests big problems with this in binding to the printer (none for iOS app). Another review suggests this uses HTTP and not HTTPS when sharing messages, but cannot verify this. The one video review I saw mentioned you have to sign up for an account to use the app.

Ooh, it’s a $20 thermal printer now discounted to $60.


how much are paper refills? What’s the quality of printing?


I have a few new in box Berg Little Printers I would be willing to sell for the same price. They now run on open source code but I didn’t port them over after the service discontinued.


There is no safe exposure level to BPA used in thermal printers. Handle notes with disposable gloves only.


I really should do a web series based on home brewing your entire home network with cool things, because issues such as services being hard-coded to point to specific domains that no longer exist (or have changed owner/content) would be easily sorted by running your own webserver and DNS server.

Create that zone on your local DNS server and point it at your internal webserver. Boom, no longer an issue for every device on your network.


I really can’t heart this enough. This should be off the BoingBoing store, and all others.


And is the thermal paper a BPA exposure risk?


Oh fuck me.

“While many thermal paper makers have stopped using the toxic chemical bisphenol A (BPA), the CEH testing found that this chemical has been replaced in receipts by a closely related chemical called BPS. Recent studies suggest that BPS may be as harmful, and possibly more harmful, than BPA.”

designer toxins


Keepsake photos on thermal paper?
Yeah, good luck with that.


Yes! Finally I can print my own CVS receipts. ANYWHERE!


Came here also to point this out…
In fact, I hadn’t been sure any more, the optimist in me (they’re there somewhere) thought, ‘hey maybe BPA isn’t an issue any more, maybe the industry fixed it.’
Guess not…


seriously BB, why are you still pushing rip-off-shit like that through your store?!? zero appreciation, none, nada!

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What’s wrong with – for instance – speech-to-text memo cell phone apps (with some being free)? Sure, one could carry a mini piece of paper around… or one could just look down on their cell phone for the grocery list.

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Once upon a time, I worked in a copy shop. A pregnant lady handed me a sonogram of her child-to-be and wanted it laminated. Little did I know it was on thermal paper. The shock wave when I gave it back was epic.


a mini-printer that is versatile, portable - and most importantly, never needs a refill on ink or toner.

This is my biggest grammar-error pet peeve. The first clause says that the printer “is” two things, “versatile” and “portable”. But instead of saying “a mini-printer that is versatile and portable”, the writer formats the sentence as though there were a third thing* – “versatile, portable, and . . .” But no third thing is on offer. Instead we get another whole clause.

It’s like the writer forgot they were partway through a list of the printer’s attributes just as they were typing “and”, and went on with the second clause. How short can your attention span be? You can’t get far as a writer without knowing how to use the word “and”.

I’m surprised how many people do this obliviously. I find it jarring.

OK, that’s my rant. Tell me some more about BPAs. Are they tasty?

*a third predicate adjective, if you want to be all technical about it

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What about some of those Zink-based printers from Polaroid and Fuji that print 2" x 3" things?

As I can’t see a need for toxic grainy mini pictures, I’m going to stick with my inexpensive, but admittedly low tech, memo material: