Hacker puppets explore the relationship between carbon paper and copyright


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He missed the rather obvious counter-claim on the unoriginality of skull’n’crossbones. Which make me wonder how that got going.


I feel like this took two steps in the direction of a valid point, and then quit. I am approximately of the generation that is making the laws right now, and I am just barely old enough to remember carbon paper, and I don’t think I believe his point. I don’t think anybody consciously or unconsciously thinks about carbon paper as they invent the TPP.

It would be a more valid point about labor: how many typists did Xerox put out of work? How many copy shops then went out of business when CompuServe appeared? Those jobs will never come back, and can you imagine if they did? Imagine a return to the boss who cannot type dictating his words to a secretary whose words do not matter.


The CEO of my company doesn’t type or even carry a cellphone. That’s all taken care of by his secretary, who we in IT treat like a goddess, because of the level of power she has.

Yeah, the CEO is far too “relaxed” living out the “island lifestyle”, “making life one long weekend” as my company likes to put it.


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IF I remember a theory i heard correctly, the skull’n’crossbones traces from punk back to the symbol of poison. From the poison symbol back to the jolly roger flag used by pirates. From pirates back to the Knights Templar. From the Knights Templar back to a Jewish burial tradition in which they would let the body sit in a tomb for a year, and after that period they would place the remains in a stone box crossing the femurs and placing the skull on top. Or at least that is one theory…for whatever it is worth. Cheers.

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That’s the job i want. big bucks to chill. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I should have gone into it further. I wasn’t so much saying that carbon paper is on people’s minds when they write the TPP. It’s more of a mindset, you know? If you come from an era when copies were precious and took resources and labor to make, you’re going to defend copyright law.

BTW, I 100% <3 your Doubtful Guest :slight_smile: it’s possible Mom was thinking of the Doubtful Guest when she sewed me and added so many stripes.


so you’re saying I’m not original? dang :frowning:


""Remember carbon paper? "

Yes, and it always reminds me of Nixon. Why? I do not know…



I’m not sure I agree, but I suppose that’s allowed. The elephant in the room is China, who seems to not give a flying damn for IP rights. TPP is the wrong answer, but I really don’t know if there’s a right answer.

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