Hackers demand $3.6m bitcoin ransom to unlock Los Angeles hospital medical records

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Sounds like something Shkreli would do.


Have they called Scorpion? Or CSI: Cyber? The Lone Gunmen? Maybe Neo?

Do I watch too much TV? Yes.

Either way, no way can they pay the ransom. The precedent would be disastrous.

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This is why you have backups.

You do have backups, right?


What about the precedent of having terrible computer security? That seems pretty disastrous, and I doubt anything will change after this clears the news cycle.


I got one of the new chip debit cards. The places we go the most still don’t have it setup even though they have the readers to handle it. Business doesn’t care in the least if it doesn’t affect the bottom line.

We have a really neat solution in the UK. It’s the business’ problem if they accept a bad signature on my card, but mine/the bank’s problem if they accept chip and pin that isn’t me.

Basically every business changed on the day the rules changed.


Me also, what a PITA. I’m on my third one. Are they Made in Britain or something?

Only if it came with fish.

I’m in the US, and I often sign as Elvis. I’ve never been questioned on it.


Actually the problem is the roll-out was shittily managed. Business does care because it does shift liability onto them, but it’s literally that there is a backlog.

Why waste time with all that pointless scribbling? “X”. The Enlightened Man’s signature.

And I have been questioned about it.


It’s pretty fucking shitty to attack a hospital, I hope a hilariously ironic fate befalls them.

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If your card is also leaking oil then, yes, probably made in Britain

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well played

The banks dragged their feet on getting the specs right, the card companies dragged their feet and now they are complaining the businesses aren’t ready? America…

I liked the part about Wally Mart being ‘ahead of the game’ but they can’t do debit cards with the chips…sort of sums up Wal-Mart to me.

Uh, isn’t there a law or two that if a death occurs while committing a felony, the death is treated as a homicide? This is a hospital, numb nuts!

In a better universe than ours the bone cancer fairy would already be on the case. As it is they probably picked a hospital for a favorable combination of high value and notoriously dreadful security(unfortunately, network-connected medical devices running antique OSes are more the rule than the exception).

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