What's it really like to negotiate with ransomware gangs?

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Its the guys upstairs from the ransomware gang who you have to worry about.

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My town has a big pulp mill, which is part of a multinational. Sometime last year their entire system (all the mills, everywhere) got locked out by ransomware. This was all kept quiet, but some of the guys on my sportsball team work there and it came up in the dressing room.

Daily losses with systems locked out were in the tens of millions. The company paid up, promptly, and began a wholesale replacement of all their hardware and software.

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Using Bitcoin to pay a ransomware attacker can put organizations at risk. Most victims must buy Bitcoin on entirely unregulated and free-wheeling exchanges that can also be hacked, leaving buyers’ bank account information stored on these exchanges vulnerable.

I don’t have a dog in the Bitcoin or ransomeware fights, but is this true? Do you have to be a l33t haxx0r to buy Bitcoin with any degree of security?


I saw this, and the sad part is that the ransomware seems to have been targeting a university, not the hospital. I think we are at the stage now like we were with skyjackers pre-11th September 2001, when crews were trained to submit to demands since it meant nobody got hurt. Well, people are getting hurt now.

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