Hacking into your robot vacuum to eavesdrop on your home

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“Spy agencies since the 1940s have eavesdropped on people using “laser microphones””
The first laser was built in 1960.


Reminds me of a spy thriller I saw when I was little. The only thing I remember was the “hero” was spying on the baddy by shining a laser through a window. One one the baddy’s henchmen discovers the spying when he holds up a glass of wine which uncovers the laser. A chase ensues.

I remember nothing else from the movie. (Except a henchman killing a waiter by sticking a spike through the waiter’s neck, but that could have been a different movie.) Actually, I have a lot of weird movie snippets ricocheting through my brain thanks to Saturday matinee.

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That the public knows about!

(joking, obvs)



As long as it still cleans my house.

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The tinfoil hat crowd is going to be having full meltdowns when lidar-based cars become common and start recording the words they speak due to the thoughts that 5g put in their heads.

Why would anyone bother to do this when they can as easily hack into your smart speaker and get the full text of everything you are saying.

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You think they would allow smart speakers into their houses? No way. They learned all about that with the parler app on their smartphones.

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I got ssh access to my xioamii vacuum. I installed a spotify client so i can have it play Sadie while it vacuums.

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wait, how did they hack the roomba in the first place? Are they just detecting its lidar zips? Or is the Roomba accessible on the internet for some reason?

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