Hacking your microbiome with DIY fecal transplants

You ain’t never the same when the air hits your brain.


I would totally do fecal transplants, but I can’t even imagine how approach it. “Hello, are you healthy, fit and attractive? I want your poo!”


A simple paddle bit will do the job. The important part is getting the vice real tight so that your head doesn’t move around, and using a punch to start the drill hole so that the bit doesn’t skitter around on your skull.


@cynical: I googled it for you: http://www.michellesblog.co.uk/hitler-used-fmt-so-whats-new/
this version doesn’t mention storm troopers sacrificing poop for the fuhrer. they say it was Mutaflor (still around today, now sold as a probiotic by http://aralez.com/)


The Chinese call it “yellow soup.”

As someone who experiences moderate to severe GI distress (unless I follow a very strict diet), but doesn’t have a specific GI disease, I’m curious about FMT. I’d absolutely participate in a clinical trial, but my lack of a specific diagnosis makes that unlikely, and I’ve thought about hacking my own on days when I couldn’t be too far from a bathroom… but not in the way that this person has done so. His approach seems indiscriminate. Also, I wonder about the effect of hormones/neurotransmitters on a gut’s microbiome. Like, once I enter perimenopause or menopause how will that impact my GI?

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I’d expect poo donors to have the same high standard and quality control as for sperm donors.


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