Hacking your microbiome with DIY fecal transplants


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Thanks for sharing! Now I know my problems are all because I’m a shitty person.


Hmmm. Well, I think that’s enough internet for today.


To me, this has the same vibe as trepanation.


Fecal transplants might sound like shitty science (hurr hurr) but they’ve been getting a lot of legitimate traction. Using someone else’s feces to overhaul your intestinal flora seems to really work.


I don’t have time to listen to the podcast until much later today, but the most obvious question I want answered is “where did he get the fecal matter?” I see no point in inserting your own poop back in there after cleaning out your biome, do you ask a friend for some of their poop, or buy it on some kinda poopy black market?

And how do you know you’re getting the “good shit”?


Echoing nungesser, there’s some pretty interesting science being done currently with regard to the microbiome.


I hope he had a safe source for the transplant.


I guess it could work if the donator wasn’t also a fugitive. By the way, Adolph Hitler was one of the first to use this technique, he got his donation from one of his super soldiers who was invading Russia at the time, so I guess “fugitive” can be a relative term.


[Citation needed​]

Seriously though; if you have a link, I’d love to read it. Otherwise, I’ve been internetting too long to Google “Hitler shit transplant”…


Just don’t click any DeviantArt links.


I always heard it was some sort of a shit elixir made from the faeces of those long-lived bulgarians.

One source:

“Hitler’s chronic flatulence may have accounted for his becoming a vegetarian and to his allowing a quack doctor named Theodore Morrell to dose him with as many 28 different medicines, including one made of extract of Bulgarian peasants’ faeces.”

If someone can find the name of the actual preparation / drug it would be kind of interesting.


The Brown Market, as it were?


Possibly unknowingly…



I misread and thought it said '“Hacking you microphone…”…



Ed Yong’s book about animal microbiomes (including humans), I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life, is a fascinating book on the topic and it also discusses FMTs, both those done in a medical setting and the DIY variety that have popped up on the internet.


DIY Trepanation isn’t well received by the public at large.

But give me a DeWalt Drill and a 3/4" auger bit and I’m game.


At least use a Forstner bit!


With the ease and quantity that my three year old makes I think he’d be a great source.