Placing other people's poop in your person is a piss-poor plan


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This will totally be a Goop thing…


The only place I’ve ever read claims that it is a good idea is right here on Boing Boing.


Hey, I just report on this stuff. I couldn’t make it up if I tried.


Hepatitis (misspelling).


So, if you’re feel that you could stand to lose a few pounds, take a look at your eating habits, exercise more or visit a doctor for help in losing weight before reaching for a bag of liquefied shit.

Well where’s the fun in that?




OK, so the lesson here is “make sure you get that good shit.”

(Who’s holding?)


Certain people relate to (quasi-) medical procedures in a fucked-up way where it seems like the unpleasantness is not a cost of business, but rather, somehow, the whole point. You rarely hear someone say “this procedure works because it’s painful and/or degrading and/or causes permanent damage”, but you often get the strong sense that that thought is somewhere just beneath the surface.

I mean, most pre-20th century medical interventions had no properties other than being unpleasant, and people still went in for bloodletting and getting smoke blown up their asses and flagellation and what not. And it’s not like the cretins of today know any better than the cretins of the middle ages. Maybe we’re just born with the idea that horrible things, submitted to voluntarily, are intrinsically good for you.


May I borrow that for the title of my new self-help book?

I’m hoping Drs. Oz and Phil will to co-author :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:



Oh great, cue the cosmopolitan bacteria marked with oligoASCII emoji to track where they’ve been, and buy some ads for people currently in a trash fire. [Begins feeling bad for ableist holding notion.]


probiotic therapy is a pretty new field full of potential and a lot of unresearched questions. DIY ATM (no, I mean At The Moment) is a little silly, but to say poop transplants (transfusions?) are by their nature a bad idea is foolhardy and shortsighted. Even the source article touts the wide potential. I mean, to some degree if poop transfer can alter your mind and body in drastically scary ways, that probably means that, if harnessable and understandable, it holds potential for substantial positive change too. This pooh-poohing seems a shitty attitude toward an exciting frontier :wink:


There’s a lot of evidence we’re evolved to live in an environment filled with the shit of our family and neighbors, and that our immune system misses those good times. If I were ill enough with an autoimmune disorder I would totally take a poop enema, hopefully from somebody really, really healthy.


Seamus, I like a lot of your writing, but you are way out of your league on this one and doing a massive disservice to those who have found FMT to be a viable cure for their gut issues.

Your headline is inflammatory, and I’d ask that you do a bit more research about how this treatment has helped plenty of people, even when doctors aren’t present.


back and forth…forever


I should think if you have an issue with weight loss, reading this article before every meal would do the trick.


I didn’t think you did. There have been quite a few articles on fecal transplants here on BB. A veritable nimiety. Maybe not as many as there have been on DIY bidets.

You joined BB just to post this comment? You astroturfing for Big Fecal?