Poop doping could be the latest performance enhancement craze

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People seem to forget that the peptides and other compounds created and used by the biome, freely circulate and are used by body cells. When the biome is broken, the balance will be off.

I really think a HUGE portion of psychological distress in man is caused by this. I went through something very similar about 10 years ago. Nasty infection, strong antibiotics, and then I got exposed to c diff and my intestines really just stopped working properly. 10 years on I seem to have regained the balance, but it took a lot of patience with myself. I’m not an athlete, but it is nice to be able to concentrate and keep at a thing for more than a half-hour, during my 16 waking hours, and that was a challenge.

With what I know now, I’d have done exactly what she did. Although I’d probably go to a professional hydrotherapist to help me out with the grossest parts.


I wonder how that conversation went… “huh… Do you mind giving me a stool sample? I have a special project.”


Smells funny to me.


This is a bogus story. There is no evidence that a fecal transplant helped this person in any way and there is also no evidence that the differences in microbes found in these athletes have any causal connection to performance.

See https://phylogenomics.blogspot.com/2017/06/irresponsible-reporting-on-poop-doping.html for some debunking.


I don’t know about this stuff.
What I do know is that “poop dope” is fun to say.


I like the article linked in that article.

“Do they check for steroids?”
“Do they check for blood doping?”
“Do they check for endangered giraffe testosterone derivative?”
“Do they check to see if your bike is really a motorcycle?”


I see nothing wrong with this. Maintaining a healthy micro-biome as a means to better athletic performance is no different than eating a healthy diet to achieve better athletic performance.


Wasn’t there a thread about this already…

I can’t keep up anymore


Also neither Chronic Lyme’s Disease or Chronic Fatigue are really things. Though Chronic Fatigue is closer to something with medical recognition. Both are classic self diagnosed, “symptom of life” sort of conditions. So she “cured” herself of one one likely non-existent ill understood disorder. Causing another ill understood likely non-existent disorder. Then “cured” that with a headline grabbing miracle cure treatment? One that’s become a buzzy, cure all, subject of vast interest in the nonarealmedicalcondition industry?

Yeah that seems totally legit.


lots of “functional” symptoms here. not that they aren’t real, but likely aren’t organic in nature. it’s quite possible she helped herself, though. placebo effect is legit and powerful.

They repeatedly stressed that, “it wasn’t fun.”

I say we need to find ways to make it fun!



Pooping back and forth, forever…


Only a matter of time before poop-duping becomes the primary method of sabotage on the Tour d’France.


From that article:

“It is just really bad reporting because the claims of one scientist are presented as facts without any scrutiny and these claims need lots of scrutiny.”

Her personal experiences ARE facts, unless you say she is lying about her personal experience.

She did A and felt B.

I think you’re getting her claims and the reporting ON her claims confused. I have no reason to doubt her word about her own experience, do you?

She didn’t publish a paper for peer review, she wrote about her own informed experience with the vocabulary of a practicing non-medical microbiologist.

She IS full of shit, that’s the point of the story. But not as full of bullshit as that article claims.


Your invalidation is quite a prescription doc. Tough Medicine.

Thanks for all the empathy you omniscient beast!


As is the capacity of people to swat at and diminish, publicly, information they can’t process.


I think that thread was about the ethical use of city trash cans to dispose of dog poop or something. I checked to see if the post was a dupe, as Ken made it clear that various poop threads ran amok last week.



you seem offended. I’m sorry if so, that wasn’t my intention. I meant it when I said I believe she is experiencing the symptoms she describes and the alleviation of those symptoms with her intervention. I firmly believe in alternative healing methods and lots of things we don’t understand. I’m just skeptical that the mechanism she’s proposing (modifying her microbiome) is what did it.