Fecal transplants work in puppies too

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I asked my wife if she would donate stool if I needed a fecal transplant. She said no because she thought this was another one of my DIY projects.


Inject it? Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a dog to eat poop?


Okay, right off the bat it must be said: “Fecal Transplants” is simply the worst way to advertise a medical procedure. Whoever is working in the PR department for cutting edge medicine needs to re-consider, otherwise public reception of this otherwise life-changing therapy will be an uphill battle.

“Heart transplant” is actually taking a donor heart, sticking it in another human’s chest, and connecting up all the tubes and wires, and then turning this “new” heart back on. Holy fuck amazing!

“Fecal transplant” just sounds like ignoble yuck. No way I’m going to stick someone else’s shit into my body.

I know that Big Pharma will come to the rescue here … “It felt like my life was over – I was tired all the time, obese, arthritic, and allergic to everything! And then I took the Brown Pill™ and my life was changed for the better! Thanks Norvo-Nordisk for the flora realignment therapy…!”


If it’s cat poop, a dog will dig through concrete for it.


I think to make it more glamorous, they need to have a reality show called Poop Swap.


When I sat down to play the piano, by Al Purdy.

He findeth a quiet glade among great stones
Squatteth forthwith and undoeth trousers
Irrational Man by Wm. Barret in hand
While the other dismisseth mosquitoes
And beginneth the most natural of natural functions
Buttocks balanced above the boulders


“The Real Poop Swappers of Beverly Hills” <-- actually, this show already exists, but under a slightly different name.

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That bit’s easy. The tough part is keeping the dog in the toilet.


yup! silliness is happening

Mine only goes for cat poop. Or turkey poop.

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How do other dogs respond to the dog that received the transplant? The recipient looks the same but they probably have a new “scent-name”. Wouldn’t that confuse other dogs?

Doesn’t a dog’s scent come from their anal glands? (I could be wrong on this but that was my understanding) I don’t think those glands would be effected by a fecal transplant.

Our kitten, Little Eddie Pancakes, needs this…
His poo has been checked multiple times for pathogens with negative results, but he still produces pancakes 50% of the time – perhaps a donation from one of his big brothers would help.

Honestly in the journals, it’s usually called “fecal transfaunation”…

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