Haha! Emergent off-grid wide comms coverage!

Each phone becomes a cell tower! Ish, but you get the idea.

Has anyone actually tried this? I’m kind of sick of apps at this point. And even after the install dance… what problem does this solve for me exactly? How does this embiggen my life?

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I’m sick of apps too! I might give it a go; but the important thing is by using mesh network you can deliver a message without passing through any telecoms equipment - just through phones. Thus no monitoring.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the messages are broadcast to all members of the mesh when it is in the mesh mode.

I find when I get annoyed with app talk, I just start purposefully calling them “microcomputer applications” and it slows the conversation waaayyyy down. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to swat away vague requests that my organization “make an app.” Usually all it takes is the simple question: “why? what would it do?”

Yeah, but one step at a time.


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If it ran in the background on every phone, we would not need as much provisioned network in densely populated areas. As an app, not at all.

Kind of a tragedy of the commons with everyone’s phone battery life?

Interesting concept at least.

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