Half-Life 3 synopsis posted by series writer -- or maybe it's just fanfic

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Could it be he’s finally given up on its ever becoming a product, and so just put the narrative out there so at least he can get paid in smiles?


Having completed all of the Half-Life 2 game and add-ons a few weeks back, I read the full article; yes, it fits quite well, yes, I’d play that and not be disappointed, and no, I don’t really care who wrote it, it was enjjoyable enough all the same.

I guess there’s never going to be a Half-Life 3, oh well. Now if only I could crowbar a joke into this comment…


I’m really frustrated with Valve but then again who isn’t when it comes to this game. This is an interesting look into what could have been regardless if its less than official. Over the years i’ve quite enjoyed some of the better fan-made content set in the Portal/HL world, i see this along the same vein.

I really do hope that Valve gets around to doing something set in that world, regardless if its a direct sequel or not.

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I used to be stuck deep in the well of human suffering, but I have come at last to a great peaceful contentment; an unspeakable burden has been lifted off of me: I realize that I may never play Half-Life 3 before I die, and that is OK. (Not that I’m planning an early exit).

Sounds great.

Though it could be a thinly veiled attack on how valve have lost focus on games…

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Valve’s work on Steam has revitalized PC sales and PC gaming in general. I definitely don’t take their work on Steam for granted or the impact that they had on PC as a gaming platform, 10 years ago PC gaming would’ve been considered mostly dying. That being said they are victims of their own success because running Steam makes them so much money that they feel no incentive or pressure to ship their own AAA titles anymore.

Valve needs to split into two companies and have their games division be wholly separated from all the Steam money.


Just to clarify a little: This bit of fiction would be Half-Life 2: Episode 3. The Episodes were billed as essentially Valve creating the much desired Half-Life 3 without the normal 6 year development time associated with a full sequel. The problem is Valve promised three episodes and only delivered two, leaving us all in the lurch.

The last paragraph of Laidlaw’s synopsis is pretty great in my opinion. It can be interpreted as him passing the torch to the fans, calling on them to create their own games in the Half-Life universe, and his synopsis leaves a lot of opportunities for that.

Well seeing as he and all the other writers involved with Half-Life are no longer with Valve, that’s pretty much a given.

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That last sentence nails it IMO.

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