Left 4 Dead 3 references found in Counter-Strike files

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Just because there’s code referencing it doesn’t necessarily mean much. It’s interesting for sure and i hope Valve really is working on something for a L4D sequel, though personally i’d be more excited for a follow up to TF2.

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I remember reading about this in like 2010.

Yeah, the nature of video games means that a successful game will absolutely result in someone working on a sequel at some point (as long as the studio/publisher exists), but the weird and unique nature of Valve and their development culture means it’s unlikely to ever get finished, much less released. (Reading about how they work, it’s really a miracle when any game manages to escape the studio into the retail environment.)

Gabe Newell is also on the record saying they’re happy to exist and earn their money purely off Steam so making games is something they’ve relied on less and less. I’m glad they’re going to put out a new Counter Strike but it’s their cash cow so i find the news about it to be very unexciting and expected

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Yeah, Valve is the rare studio that doesn’t have to ever release a game because that’s not their source of income. Normally there’s an inherent conflict in studios - everyone involved wants to make games, but they also want them to be as perfect as possible when they’re released (i.e. work on them nearly forever). Financial constraints mean there are artificial deadlines for getting those games finished and released (in whatever state they’re in). So the lack of that conflict is already pushing Valve to release games after unusually lengthy development cycles, but the nature of how they’re structured means projects are likely to implode before the games gets finished, so few games actually get released.

My friends and I have had a lot of fun playing Back 4 Blood, but another L4D game would be cool. I’m not holding my breath though.

Good cross-platform co-op games seem to be hard to come by though so if anyone has any recommendations, let me know.

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