Rumors of "Left 4 Dead 3" arise after long silence

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I’m sorry, but there’s no-one working on Half-Life 3 and much of this is due to the culture of Valve - they are in a fire-at-will state and so staff avoid projects which are likely to fail and with how high expectations are for HL3 and how long people have been waiting for it, it is bound to disappoint regardless of how good it actually is. Which means people will avoid it like the plague because it could ruin their career.

HL3 will only happen when people stop talking about it and cease holding expectations that simply cannot be met. We are the reason why HL3 remains vapourware.

So… basically HL3 confirmed!
hang on I’m gonna tweedle this


That’s exactly what we said about HL2.


I get the impression that people sporadically work on HL3, but it’s a back-burner project that doesn’t have a full-time dev team on it. Given the expectations, it’s understandable, as they’d want to have some pretty strong play to justify its release. It’s not too dissimilar to other studios with sequel games and some financial autonomy. (As opposed to publisher-owned studios that are going to crank out sequels to popular franchises regardless of whether they have anything new to add.)

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3 what is this strange symbol? What is 3?


Left 4 Dead 2 2?

Left 2+2 Dead?

Plus they said after Portal 2 a few years ago that they’re moving away from single player content

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Well I think the new Left 4 Dead game looks great

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I forget what rumor mill I read it in but also they just don’t have a good story for it yet which is another reason for it not going anywhere.

Zombie games are still the hotness so I can totally see that getting a new chapter (and update to Source 3?)


So, a bog-standard UK trash tabloid has completely-unsourced “reports” that an long-anticipated game is being made, goes out of their way to point out that there’s only one female character, and casually drops info about Half-Life 3.

There is no way they could have completely made this up to drive pageviews.


Wow, no mention of Source2?

A huge part of the delay has been that every Valve game out now uses their Source game engine, which is now more than ten years old. They have been gradually implementing a new game engine, but these sorts of things are a moving target. There is not much reason to develop new games for the ancient engine.

So far, they have done some work at least on L4D3 and HL3 ideas, but this has been testing game bits along with the new engine.

But, my cursory search now indicates that DOTA2 has been ported to Source2 and released this past fall, so there is some traction.

I don’t know if it matters how many people read it, it doesn’t make the content any more substantial.

thems fightin` words


I’m going on what people I know have told me about their trips to Valve. That studio doesn’t have producers, people will just join together in ad-hoc teams to work on things they think are cool and, most importantly, will be successful. HL3 will get bad press regardless right now because people still go on about “HL3 confirmed” and other crap. With their set-up, that’s toxic territory.

Valve also like to use their HL franchise to push new technologies, source engine, steam… maybe if VR actually takes hold in the consumer space - rather than the very niche dev market it currently has, and the most recent unit Oculus demo’d to us was such a step up from dk2 but at $600 and no out-of-the-box support in games, it’s gonna be a hard sell for a PC peripheral - there will be enough of a buzz around it for a team to spring up and play about with it (provided this hasn’t already happened).

Until then, it’s prolly for our own good to simply shut up about HL3 and let them get on with what they feel will work. Eventually, it will be HL3 but I don’t see it happening this decade.

I’ve read this excuse before and it just goes to show that the culture promoted there, whilst seemingly enviable for it’s hetrarchical nature, has enabled an environment conducive to sitting on their laurels and not taking chances on creating the devastating, state of the art stuff that we all know they are truly capable of.

What a bunch of cowards. What a bunch of vindictive cowards. What a bunch of money-obsessed, artless, tail-chasing, self-satisfied cowards.


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3 Dead, 3 3urious

I’m a bit excited by this news, L4D is the only zombie thing I really care about. It trained my wife to be proficient at fps, my mate told me as Bill to my Francis that he had just found out he was going to be a father, plus my favourite/toughest/flukiest achievement I unlocked was on it.

Man vs Tank
Single-handedly kill a Tank.
Unlocked 28/03/2009

On the roof of the hospital at the end of the first campaign all my AI buddies got wasted at once and I got the chance to murder the tank alone without them chumps soiling the kill with their filth.

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I’m tired of you holding back. When will you tell us what you really think?

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Ok well lets see.
1 some sort of closure for half life is needed, game novel web series just some closure.
2 valve seems to have mostly given up on new ip since becoming the gaming version of itunes.
2.1 If gaben held up a large model of a three in a photograph people would be more reassured that he wasn’t using trinary number system and can’t reach the number 3.
2.2 Half life 1 2 etc and the portals are great games well done.
2.2.1 well im here the trading card thing on steam was finanicial genius.
2.2.2 thats me done.


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