Half-Life with all sounds replaced with rave music samples

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90s EDM tracks

No such thing. We didn’t listen to EDM then, we listened to techno and trance and house, etc.

EDM is a modern phenomenon that happened when Americans discovered European music from 20 years ago.


Worth noting that DJ Randall, called out in one of the samples there, is still going and is still a hardcore junglist, even if in this mix he’s playing to the wrong crowd:

Also worth noting that this art form is far far far from dead:

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It’s just like the last Future Sound of London album.

I’m sure the latest FSOL album can’t be that lame.

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Graham Dunning is a genius techno-mad-scientist and I love what he does! And he is a nice fella with whom I had a chance to interact with a few months ago.

You should definitely check out his “Mechanical Techno” series:

Edit: Already mentioned on BoingBoing a few years back

And that European music happened after Europeans discovered Chicago House and Detroit Techno in the 80s.


And that happened because the technology became cheap enough that it was no longer the preserve of rich white people (mostly German men) who weren’t that into dancing…

And twenty years before that there were extraordinary women…


Delia Derbyshire!?

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And a major influence for them was Kraftwerk. :grinning:

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I’d say that disco was a bigger influence than Kraftwerk, especially with Chicago house, but both were very important. I like Kraftwerk, but they aren’t dancable in the same way that techno and house are.

Kraftwerk (and the rest of the Krautrock era electronics) brought in the elements that made the stuff danceable for extended periods of time, the repetition, the dynamic evolution of DJ sets, and the electronic soundscapes.

True. Someone gave me a used 303 for free in the late 80ies, because they found it boring.


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