Hall & Oates sue Haulin' Oats granola company




Maybe they should change the name of the bar to Against the Grain.


This is one of those moments where I feel like the artists should just be flattered and move on. It’s a clever soundalike for a granola company that isn’t even spelled like your names, and they probably (before this happened) really liked your music.

Also: If your music sales are competing directly with granola sales, something strange is going on…


exactly. the granola isn’t damaging them or their music, and nobody would confuse the two. i always thought they would be classier than this.


Private Ryes!



We can do this all day folks! :slight_smile:


My security company’s name is Watchin’ U Private Eyes. Am I next?


I would have so much more sympathy if it was the 1970s. But by now, Hall & Oates are more likely to benefit from the publicity, than to suffer financial harm.


Their songs hold up very well, I think. I like The Bird and The Bee’s cover album:

I have a soft spot for Hall and Oates because my very best friend at the time (and for all time) was a fanatic who had all their albums, and they remind me so much of her.


For a band that seems to be down 100% with Garfunkel and Oates (and even appeared on their tv show) I find this strange but understandable.


This is how trademarks work: if you don’t defend them, you lose them.


This is not how trademarks work. A trademark on a band name does not extend to a breakfast cereal, especially not when the breakfast cereal doesn’t even use the trademark and there is no way a reasonable person could ever confuse the two things.


Did someone mention Daryl Hall?

Here singing North Star on Robert Fripp’s 1979 album Exposure. For me, one of the most moving vocal performances of the last 50 years. Thank you, Mr. Hall.


Corporations want that myth perpetuated. The bigger they are, the more they like it.



That’s true if you read the words, but if you hear someone speaking the words, then you would easily be confused. You would be left relying only on context to understand that they aren’t talking about the musicians. And it’s deliberate.


And so what?

How is the band harmed? Nobody who wants music is going to accidentally buy granola, and vice versa.


This is troubling…it might adversely affect my business plan, for Fleetwood Mac n’Cheese…I will be following this, closely…


Beef Zeppelin


Or the frozen pizza with CheeZZ Topping.


Relying on the context of whether they were talking about a band or a breakfast cereal? I think we can depend on people to rely on that context.