Hammock for your car roof

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  1. I haven’t seen many roof racks rated for 250lbs.
  2. I don’t like failure mode of this sort of hang – drop you on your spine on a metal bar

Cheaper, lighter, less wind resistant:

I often hang mine from one hinge of my hatchback to one good tree/post/pole… Used to do it with a Honda Civic hatchback, now a Subaru Forester. Works well, if you can get your rear end the right distance from said tree/post/pole.


An excellent gift for the drinkers on your list!


Complain, complain! I think it would be amazing at 70mph. It’s people like you who suck all the fun out of head injuries!


Hell yes.

I just got back from a vacation in Moab, Utah (awesome!) and I was fascinated with all the roof top contraptions that folks had going on. Roof top camping/recreation has gone to a whole new level. Everything from just basic platforms to put a tent onto to self contained convertible pop ups with ladders and floor extensions. A rooftop hammock is genius accessory!

Bonus if it came with a car top margarita machine!

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Car roofs usually aren’t built with people standing on them in mind. I wonder how many dented roofs will result from this.


How hard could it possibly be to find something to tie your hammock to?

Spotted at O’hare on my last business trip:


It looks like there’s a frame attaching the hammock frame to the car frame. Hopefully it provides some place to walk, because otherwise, your foot may just go through the roof.

Meh. I’d rather sleep on the ground.

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Not sure if hammock or slingshot.


Yeah, kindof a crapshoot. That photo was taken at around 5am. If you’re at an airport at 5am, you’re not going to be very well rested no matter how you’re set up.

Well, from a bacteria/general cleanliness POV the hammock wins big time over leaning against your backpack on the floor or lying face down on the seats. :scream:


I’ve always got something I can sprawl out on.

Besides, I’ve been through worse, and I can always shower.


I always carry a cheap shawl for the same reason. Those things are larger than a beach towel and take up virtually no space or weight. And there’s always somewhere that is too cold while traveling, no matter the climate.



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