Sleep among the trees with this off-the-ground tent

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A cool idea, but I much prefer the simplicity of a hammock. If you’re hiking, biking or otherwise moving through the backcountry, weight is important and my hammock weighs next to nothing. The major issue of course, is the availability of trees. If you want to get all geeky about this sort of thing (and let’s be fair, who doesn’t?) check out some of the homemade and commercial hammock stands that work on the tensegrity principle. The superlight ones are great for rigging your hammock where there are no trees!


This looks amazing! I wonder how fussy it is about the layout of the trees required for a good setup?

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Not so much a tent as it is just a covered hammock, no?

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Not so great if you forget you’re off the ground & step out to take a leak.

Pretty much requires you to sleep on your back only. Side or tummy position just won’t be comfortable, which rules it out for me.

A cot solves the same problems as this with a heck of a lot more convenience and flexibility. And a good taut cot allows any sleeping position.

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