Outdoors enthusiast makes fun of highly improbable campsite photos

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Yeah. You would never camp there. For no other reason than you can’t secure the tent or fly down on anything and it’s a guarantee the wind will blow you off.



I have to admit that when I bought my first tent 20+ years ago I specifically bought a free standing tent that didn’t need to be staked down because of images like this that some manufacturers used in their ads. And in all that time maybe once I camped in a spot that was picturesque enough to use in a tent ad, but it was nothing like those photos (and I didn’t even use that stupid tent.)


Ok, this one got a laugh out of me.


I was a huge fan of @youdidnoteatthat and @youdidnotskatethat when they were active.

'Tis pretty people with unhealthy food and skateboards, respectively.

The account in question serves up a remarkably low proportion of improbably-trim models, in contrast.


I’ve been to better places


I dunno, I think the tent companies have the right idea in suggesting camping spots. Guaranteed that the beer cans won’t stack up outside your tent!

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I dunno, there’s some more extreme places that people DO sleep: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=rock+climbing+sleeping+platform&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images

What is her evidence that nobody did actually sleep in those tents?

A bivvy hanging off a cliff is way safer than a tent (read: sail) just sitting on a rock outcropping.
The bivvy and the climber are tied in (though, I bet you can find ‘free-bivviers’!) whilst the tent is just tossed in place in many of those improbable pics.

Me? I like my back deck in summer with a nice foam pad under me. But, I live in the boonies, so I’m spoiled, smug, and irritating.


Yeah, but did you look down?


Pitchin’ a tent…

Just … no.


Rocks or sandbags in the tent corners can substitute for pegs if necessary. I used to do that routinely when camping on sand or stone in the desert.

Not advisable in high wind, though.

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With as many people who like to post images at that particular outcropping, I’m surprised there’s not a queue.


Even with that much protection in (6 points that I can see) it seems like a bad idea hanging straight down on it. It doesn’t look bolted, just cams in a crack. But I’m not the climber, my son is, so what do I know.

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Class 5.10 sleep.


It’s a trad route, there are no bolts. Defacing the rock with permanent alterations is a major no-no.

It looks to be a fairly routine big-wall hanging bivvy. There’s plenty of gear in place, and the climber has a separate anchor from the tent.


I have a freestanding geodesic goretex basecamp tent that I could put in many of these types of locations for great pictures.

Problem is unless one is into poser style pictures to sell camping gear there is no point. Those are mostly shit places to sleep, and photos of you and your buddies in said location is much better anyway. Good places to sleep are usually flat and protected and unphotogenic.

Also, it would really suck if every picturesque vantage had some weekend warrior perching their coleman tents upon them.

yeah sleeping one one of the big walls would be crazy. i’m pretty sure that most these tent photos are unsleepable just due to the inclines alone and the fact that they are photoshopped. :slight_smile:


I have slept on the shore of mountain lakes (as in some of his pics) because that was the only flat place.