If you’re going camping, the Tentsile UNA tree tent lets you snooze in midair

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bears with scissors. just saying.


This is interesting- but how the hell do you get into it?


You’re going to ruin the sales pitch!


I’m guessing there is a separately available ladder, for a bit more money.


You get inside first, and only then do you put it up.

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Tent camping invariably involves a lot of coming in and going out, under less than ideal circumstances. I am always trying to keep the floor clean, my boots dry, the door zipper un-fouled, and myself correctly orie ted.

Now I imagine adding a few feet of elevation to the equation, and that’s going to suck out whatever fun was there to begin with.

Please don’t take this the wrong way I don’t mean it in an insulting way-

But everything about your statement says you are the kind of person who will never find enjoyment in actual camping, because everything you said suggests you are missing the point of it.

I grew up practically in the forests of Pennsylvania and I’ve camped countless times in tents, in every kind of weather, every season- including winter, and even winter and summer in Japan.

Lost count of how many nights I’ve slept on the ground with just my jacket as a pillow in a tent.

The basics of camping as I learned them means you are outside in the woods. There is dirt, there is mud, bugs, etc.

It’s called nature for a reason. And tent camping that’s just the nature of it.

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If this works (a big if) there is nothing that says you have to position it any higher off the ground than you want. Anything more than a couple feet off the ground is probably unnecessary; two feet is a sufficient deterrent to anything that doesn’t climb, and anything taller or able to climb won’t care how high you are.

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I take your meaning. It’s completely irrelevant to this product.

And the times when I was camping alone for my own reasons, I did it your way. It mattered little if I smelled a bit or there was mud on my shoes.

That style of camping has been completely replaced (for me) with social camping, where there’s an agenda for being in the woods besides just being in the woods. Scheduled events, costume bling, planned meals… if everyone had more money we might as well be at burning man.

Nowadays with the Covid rules and all, I can see going back to less formal camping… though not with a tent like this one, still!

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I camp with other people like this too- I guess the people I hang out with really don’t give a damn about being extremely comfortable in the woods.

I have certain frivolities even I attend to- I bring a Japanese hand cranked bean grinder with me, and make aeropress coffee in the woods.

As long as you have fun, that’s really all that matters.

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I’m going to exercise my Pedant Pendant here and also exhibit my purism. (I accept others will disagree. I am unlikely to be persuaded.) If it does not involve a tent (or bivouac) then it is not camping. So “tent camping” is a tautology.

Sleeping under the stars? Not camping - just sleeping out. In an RV? Not camping.

Wow. You must be a lot of fun at outdoor events!

out where I am, it turns out most people I hang with are older, in chronic pain, and don’t do that well “roughing it”. If the choice is some kind of glamping vs not getting to hang out with like minded people, we are all pretty OK with the glamping option, no matter what the gatekeepers would say.

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Because I prefer a precise and accurate definition?

What has my contribution to the fun at outdoor events got to do with anything? Camping is a trivially small subset of the things that qualify as outdoor events. So I’m not really sure why you conflate the two.

Keeping the floor clean, boots dry, door zippers unfouled and so on is all part of the fun of camping and is really not that hard, either. But someone overly bothered about them or unable to achieve them (or fail without having all their own fun sucked out of them according to their own account) really isn’t someone who should be ‘tent camping’ to start with. Probably not someone I’d find fun to go camping with, anyway.

And I have nothing against ‘glamping’. Just don’t pretend it’s camping.

Good night.

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You’re also restricted to camping in places with enough strong trees around that you can anchor too (which are usually terrible for a traditional tent because there will always be a root right where you need to put a peg in).
Still tho, compared to some of the rubbish the BB shop has been shilling recently, this looks ok.

We love the bears so much, we make piñatas for them…

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