Privacy Pop Tent sits atop bed and keeps out peepers


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"Next on ‘What Will Those Crazy College Kids Think Of Next?’: Spraying Privacy Pop Tents with hairspray to make them air-tight (and death traps?)!


death tap, or the world’s best Dutch oven?


I can only imagine how depressing ones first night in the dorms would be if your roommate zips themselves into a private tent.

Completely not masturbating in here…


Was “Jack Off Shack” already taken?


Now it just needs to be soundproof too.


Something something college kids pitching tents in dorm rooms something something.


Better than having to pretend you are asleep for an hour or more as your roommate and partner get their freak on.


snark aside i do have to say that sleeping in a tent set on top of your bed is really comfy. Having less light bug you and being in a somewhat enclosed space makes it easier to sleep more soundly. I had insomnia as a kid and setting a tent over my bed was really great. I sort of understand why someone would buy one of these pop-up tents, beyond any obvious jack off shenanigans.


Masturbation (or sexual activity with more than one person) aside…

Can you imagine moving into the dorm your freshman year and seeing someone (maybe even YOUR roommate) put that up? I’m not sure they would ever live it down. The entire dorm would be joking about them in a matter of seconds.


I’ll be in my tent.


As a bonus, monsters totally can’t see you.


Angrily stomps over.

It just doesn’t sound as satisfying as slamming the bathroom door like a normal person would.


If I was going back to work at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, then one of these would follow me down in the mail. Roommates on different shifts, general bright-all-day lighting, some semblance of privacy-all worth the shipping.


My dorm room had an incredibly loud air unit that was always on.


plus: presumably I wouldn’t have to listen to my roommate’s playing of Pink Floyd’s The Wall at all hours of the day
minus: uh, I don’t really fit in a twin bed to start with. Is there a version with holes for your feet to stick out?


Can’t it be both?


Now you can walk around the room and watch TV or zip yourself into your own tent.


Something made of nylon and springs like that is going to pick up and amplify any motion happening inside it, so there’s only a certain level of privacy.

And you might not know if you’re actually alone in the room…


I really don’t understand how people physically seeing you amounts to any sort of useful privacy. Communications and finance, I can understand. Or following you around. I guess I just don’t find bodies or body functions “intimate”.