Camping hammock an absolute must have

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I really love having a hammock with me when camping. Wonderful for reading an afternoon away, or sleeping on a hot night, is there anything else to “hammy-culture?”

Siblings who snore, ready-to-relax mosquito netting, forming a connection betwixt trees, niece-shaming.


fun for the whole family


I’m off to the Hammock District! Woo-hoo!


Without it nieces might run out of things to complain about. Mustn’t allow that to happen!

Not mine.


having 3 teenagers myself I find that a little public shaming can sometimes go along way with getting them to adjust from an ill-advised course. :wink:

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Your niece sounds awesome

Looks good. For wet weather, you’d want to run a line above and throw a tarp over it.

Watch out for widowmakers. (Dead branches ready to drop.)

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Finding trees of suitable size and distance to each other and the campsite is always the challenge I have with hammocks. Otherwise they’re great. I have an old nylon mesh hammock I’ve carried with me for 20 years. Folds up to the size of a baseball - but I hardly ever use it because I can never find a good place to set it up.

Might try one of these though


I want one for my apartment.

This gives me so much nostalgia for my childhood. That should say something about how awesome hammocks are, totally agree that a kid or teen would be super into relaxing in them.

The home i grew up in my parents had some hammock hooks put in in the living room walls. We had a super comfy one for indoor use made of cotton i think, and i used one made of some synthetic thread when at the beach or while staying at a family member’s beach apartment. Both were really nice to sleep in :slight_smile: especially when it’s super warm, you sleep more comfortably in a hammock than you would in a bed.


The one I no longer carry:

As an update, it still works great. The hammock has some tears in it, but still supports. The eye bolt tethering allows the hammock to spin and dump drunkards and stoners who are not aware.

Also if you want to be legit there’s also these. I forget the colloquial name in Venezuela but seems like they’re typically known as “silla colgante” elsewhere or hanging chairs.


Really only good for car camping but it looks pretty comfy and handy when there are no trees around. Might give that a try.

I find that I do not lounge around like this when I camp. I’m far too antsy. Usually i’m busy with cleaning things, cooking or tending the fire. Very rarely do I just hang out and read - which is a shame I suppose.

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A friend of mine has one of these (without the cushions, which look like a great addition) suspended from a tree in his yard. The branch it hangs from is about 30-40 feet high. Swinging and looking up at the tree branches is amazing. Such a relaxing experience.


i want one!


I can’t suggest a good one but i do see them on Amazon :slight_smile:

Edit: I guess my URL just isn’t going through, something about the link is making the BBS unhappy. Just search for hanging chair hammock


With the tarp & underquilt, do you save any weight hammock camping over tent camping. I always bring a hammock car camping but just for reading and naps, haven’t overnighted yet.