Vivere Double Hammock


I got that exact one when Amazon had a sale last year (about $30-40 less)…
It has held up well – it is the cotton one, so I don’t leave it out in the weather.
The only problem is that it is not high enough to prevent 3 little dogs from joining me.
(I imagine that there is probably not enough room to add Nemo)
Ah, found pic that I sent to the wife (she was traveling for work when I got it).

This is me with Molly. She passed away in November. Nemo is too big for the hammock, but Pretzel is in it all the time.

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Do you have the cotton one or the sunbrella? From the stripes in your photo, it looks oike the cotton version, but my wife and I have had bad luck with cotton ones being left out even just for the summer and fall – two years and they have lots of mold…

I have the cotton one. It has been fine. I get VERY full sun and direct salty, ocean air – it faded but is as good as new 1 year later. I bring it in before it rains, if I remember. It also has taken a washing in the machine very well. I hung it back out to dry :smile:

Not to diss or anything, this looks quite fine, but since you’re a savvy VW bus traveler and visitor to Mexico, you should know that the approximate thing is available in the near price range, but using The One True Hammock (Yucatan), which you can take off the frame when desired and schlep anywhere and have unparalleled comfort. Here’s a link to a seller I have no experience with, but good pictures of what they are about. Even without a frame, it’s worth picking one up. They changed traveling and backpacking for me, and I still have a cotton one (I would only recommend nylon for ones left more or less permanently hung) that I got in 1979 that’s in perfectly good condition.
Edited to add: You want thin string, as closely woven as you can afford.

You can take the hammock off the frame.

Yes, but you’ve still got a ‘blanket’ hammock, instead of a glorious, morphable, breeze through the strings Yucatan hammock.

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Excellent. When/if I need to replace this hammock I will absolutely try your recommendation.

I ordered one of these last week as my mother’s day present. Hoping it arrives today because I have sunshine and a new book to read!

Edit: Can someone bring me a margarita?


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