Trampoline takes off like a flying saucer


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I can’t remember where I saw it (Twitter, Instagram, b3ta…?), but last month I found a version of this video that was reversed and edited so the trampoline drops out of warp in the background sky and then spins down to a landing in the yard.


It just needs a Neil Gaiman to weigh it down…


why does the “backyard” look like a prison yard to me?


I’ve always thought - if you find yourself living in any place that could be described as a ‘compound’, it’s time to start re-thinking your life-choices…


After it took off, I was all “why am I still watching this?” BUT THEN:


AstroTurf is always greener on the other side.


Gotta bounce.


just as i was wondering where it came down… it DID


“Get me the rights to that footage!”
– Ed Wood


I was mixing monitors at a large music festival in west central Minnesota on a very hot day. I looked up from the stage and floating maybe 500’ above the camping area was a dome tent. I can only assume that it was someone’s party tent (hence empty) that had been left zipped up completely and wasn’t staked down. Under the pounding sun the interior temp rose to the point where it became a hot air balloon and then some additional entertainment was had by many.

Funny thing is, a couple days prior when we were pulling into the fairgrounds with our truck there were people chasing down one of those large 12-15 person tents that was just lazily floating along about 20’ over the campground.


This reminds me of what comedian Ron White said about hurricanes, “It isn’t that the wind is blowin’, it’s what the wind is blowin’.”


Boy Scout Jamboree. Literally 2,000 tents still being set up. The wind picks up. Hilarity ensues. Scouting taught me to throw my pack in a corner of the tent before I get the poles up, both to keep it from blowing away, and to anchor one spot - makes putting up a tent solo a lot easier.


Same thing happened at a festival in Va. a few years back. Crazy thunderstorm out of nowhere blowing dome dents 100 ft in the air. It’s a thing: Festival fly aways.

Kids stake your tents!


“Just put something heavy on top of it.”
Royal Society for Putting Things On Top Of Other Things


Looks a bit like a childcare center.

Also I was surprised that the trampoline seemed to fly a crosswind leg before landing. Either this was filmed in a little cyclonic system (like a thermal) or the video is fake.


That trampoline is a tramp!


that’s been in my top 10 things on the internet for some time. Somewhere below exploding whale but ahead of nyan cat.


Tie your trampoline down sport.


trumping with extra carry-on