Trampoline takes off like a flying saucer

But does it look like that to the inhabitants? It’s probably cultural.

You didn’t notice how much it had in common with a bad frisbee throw? Those don’t require cyclones.

As an east coast dwelling person of European descent, I can very frankly say I find this offensive.

A person’s bloodline shouldn’t exclude them from making an informed and educated decision about their landscaping choices.

Feel free to carry on with your day, leave me out of it.

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In fairness, trampolines are typically much heavier and more permeable than inflatable bounce houses and the like, so this is much less common. Inflatables always come with huge, prominent warnings about the importance of staking them down, and those warnings are often tragically ignored. But the 14’ trampoline that I bought a week ago comes with no such warnings and doesn’t even have an obvious means to tie it down. If the legs were tied down the main ring could still lift off of them, as it’s a simple socket connection with no hardware to keep it in place.

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