Bounce house blows away with three children inside


Amazingly - Not Florida!

I would have guessed Kansas…

Edit to add obligatory photo…


It is so wrong to laugh at injured children. I’m not going to laugh, I’m not.


The tragic part about this is that because children were hurt we have lost many great opportunities for humor. Also tragic about the kids getting hurt, I suppose.


s/bounce house/bouncey castle/ for the UK readers, please

Looks like a castle in the air to me…

In the designated skeptic department, I find it extremely unlikely that the photo is of the alleged “bounce house” in this incident; they claim it went 50 feet in the air, not 500.

And it’s extremely unlikely they filled a bounce house with helium; the expense would have been astronomical. I can believe it caught a gust of wind and was briefly airborne, and I’m sorry for the frightened little kids.

But as for the likelihood of the house floating away into the wild blue yonder, well… not so much.


I’m sure if this story took place in Florida, Florida Man would have saved the day by shooting it out of the sky with a pistol.


It’s nice someone chose a nice instagram filter to document the event.


Crazy thing is, that would be one of the few cases where shooting might actually be considered a good idea.

As long as the kids weren’t shot in the process, of course.

how is there not video of this??

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I saw this happen at an airshow once. A pilot was showing off and turning an old military cargo aircraft in just such a way that the bounce house full of kids nearby flew up into the air. I think it was the plane’s slipstream.

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Take them off the market before some children are killed!

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Sadly, this is far from uncommon. These things often aren’t tied down well and people don’t realize the danger. Take a look at this list of bounce-house accidents over the last decade or so. Injuries on these are actually more common than injuries on roller coasters or any other single type of amusement ride:

This was the Anthem to my freshman year in high school. After my first rave of course. I swear, there’s a half hour house mix of this floating around.

Exactly. They have tie downs on them for precisely this reason.

“Lord, protect this rocket house and all those who dwell within the rocket house…”

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