Sheep discovers how to use a trampoline

2020 has me living vicariously through sheep now.



Someone with gif skills needs to swap out that guy for the sheep now.

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“That guy” is Neil Gaiman…

But yeah, someone with gif skills should do that. We probably need a whole series of those with different critters on the trampoline.

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I have rounded up the usual suspects:

Also, Apparently sunken trampolines are a thing.


Good. :wink:

Fly over a flock of sheep. Biologists out here call them “range maggots” because appearance. Imagine if they had trampolines. Bouncing maggots. The mind reels.

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Yeah that was new to me. Now instead of flying into a net you go back to landing on the hard ground. Maybe 3 feet less of a fall but still a pretty sudden stop. Just like ye olde days of my youth.

I wonder if the pit is automatically drained or if they just wait till it squished a little…

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