Watch ibex herds use a near-vertical dam as a salt lick


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Oh sure, they just tipped the camera sideways like Batman used to. I’m surprised Jerry Lewis didn’t pop out of a window to say hi.


Next up: Birds flying! Then fish staying underwater for years!

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Those dam kids! Got no respect for gravity!

~shakes fist~


Guys … guys, this was a huge meme maybe two months ago, with the tagline “They crave that mineral”. By now, if I use that phrase anymore my kids just look at me and slowly roll their eyes. It’s dead.

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Hey! I was totally unimpressed with these critters months before youse guys!
Stop jumping on my bandwagon.

In 2013, @anon73192581 posted this:

I just wan’t to know who is behind the cover up?
These are obviously spider-goats that have escaped from research facilities.
What else are they not telling us?

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I’d like to see them try El Capitan at Yosemite.

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