Hanging closet shelf for $11


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/04/12/hanging-closet-shelf-for-11.html


I had one of these, but please note: if it is made out of the same recycled fabric as shopping bags, you can expect it to give up and tear apart in 3-4 years.


3-4 hours if you have adolescent cats in the house.


Kitteh storage rack.


Googling that phrase was disappointing. However, efficient cat storage delivers.


3-4 years for an 11 dollar clothing rack is about 3 years longer than I would expect, honestly. And if it’s recycled material I think that’s still a net gain.


Meh. Make it out of heavy canvas, and we’re talking.


I had one of these too. It is trash.


C’mon, now, in the Amazon photo it’s doing a great job of holding up the timeless classic of western literature ɘɿiqƨnI oƚ ƨʞooЯ!


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