This butcher's twine dispenser helps keep things in place

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let me be the first to say, this will not foil a cat.


OMG that is cool.

Search “Chalkware string dispenser” and you’ll find quite a selection from the '30s - '50s. At your local antique mall, many can be had for a rounding error of free.

(Unfortunately, some mirror the accepted racism and xenophobia of the day - but let us not dwell.)

Chalkware carnival prizes are an area of interest for me, so anyone can pm me if interested in discussing further.

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I use my kitchen quite a bit. It gets smokey sometimes and greasy. Any string left on the counter top like that would develop a nice patina

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Punch a hole in any jar lid!! DIY never say die!


Yeah you thnk you foiled the cat but cats are smart and will save revenge for when it is most inconvenient for you.

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