Save 20% on the ultimate drink holder for your couch

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“Ultimate”? I would like to see the battle results.

That said, I wonder how well this would work on my cat? He has three legs, so he bounces a lot when he runs. But I also enjoy putting things on him, and a drink is something I haven’t tired. Yet.

Full disclosure, when I put things on my car I stick to light objects, like mail. Napkins. A sock. The goal is less about item storage and more about irritating him so he will leave.

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Mine should’ve been named Boomerang. Nothing works for long, she always comes right back to my lap.

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You’re not tricking me Boing Boing. I buy this ultimate drink holder this week and then next week you come out with the ultimate lay-z-boy chair with built in drink holder and toilet. I’m on to you! :rofl:


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