Simply the best pet watering dish ever

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I’m glad they work for you. Our dogs are the slobbery messy type and after a 24 hours there will be slime and kibble in the bowl. By the time that water tank empties, it would be toxic sludge,


I have this or a very similar model. Works great. Lasts forever between refills. I think my tank might be larger. Which leads to the one downside that refilling and carrying the tank might be difficult for some people. Sometimes I just don’t feel like dealing with the tank and refill the bowl directly with a pitcher and that alone lasts several days.


We have ants that have decided the cats’ water dishes are their personal spa, so we need to dump and refill them frequently. Does this prevent ant infestation?

I have one, and while it does work well, the bottle is huge and weighs a ton when full. As a grown man, I find it a challenge to wrestle that 4 gallon bottle into the dish without making a mess, or pinching my hands between the bottle and the bowl. The bottle desperately needs handles.


smearing a bit of lithium grease or silicone grease under the rim of any bowl will prevent ants from gaining entry.


You gave a Great Pyrenees, a CKC Spaniel and a Maine Coon? I know who’s in charge…


I once tried a water dish similar to this. I had just bought it and then went on vacation thinking it would help my friend who was watching my cats. When I returned home he said they knocked it over the very first day and he had to mop up the kitchen floor. I still have the damn thing but I never use it. Maybe I need to rethink this with a Petmate. Gotta consult with my felines first.


Neighbors that I catsit for have one of this brand, for their three cats. It seems to work very well. The cats seem to like it. I think theirs must be the one-gallon size. I was a little bit nervous the first time I refilled it and had to turn the full bottle upside down, because I wasn’t quite sure what would happen…but it was fine :slight_smile:


Used one outdoors and it filled up with mosquito larvae. Also agree that the large is way too heavy when full.

We got one for Chaplin but he was terrified of it. Every time water bubbled up he’d run away and refuse to drink out of it.

This is the same dog that tries to bite the UPS truck whenever he sees it, yes.

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THIS is the best watering dish ever.

Aerates water, filters out slobbered food particles and probably ants too.

Fight me.

See if you can get some of these things to review & affiliate-link:

I have never found one that lasts more than a few weeks, or the sponge tears off or it starts leaking.

I switched to silicone ones. The sponge ones get so disgusting, so fast. I still have one in the sink, but far prefer to use the dishwasher safe ones.

I’ll do an update on them soon.


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