H2O4K9 Dog Canteen: water + bowl on the go


I got one of these in July, not long after I got my first puppy. He loves it. The only issue is that the bowl is the cap, which means it’s not really for sharing, since he tends to have things in his mouth I’m really a little squeamish about having in mine. (We have a lot of cats in the neighborhood. I believe they call that Kitty Roca.)
On the plus side, there’s little wasted water, since the bowl is designed to easily empty back into the bottle.
I hadn’t known about the insulated ones. Nice idea for long walks in summer here in Sacramento.

Isn’t H2O4K9 a deadly compound of potassium hydroxide?


I use a water bottle called a Gulpy for my dog. Works great, especially since the trough is not used as the cap. The Gulpy has a ball valve to seal it shut and the trough pivots and folds against the bottle. So I can screw the top off and share water without having to worry about backwashed kitty treat leavings. Totally worth the $5. I think REI has them, but they show up for cheap at Marshalls from time to time.

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