Spill resistant dog watering bowl


This would actually be good for one of our cats… He likes to plunk down about 4-5 inches away from the bowl and then reach out and pull the bowl over to him when he wants a drink – when the bowl is full it splashes all over.

This also is great for keeping Cavalier King Charles ears out of the water dish. Sadly, Nemo drains this very quickly and prefers it, so it is always empty for Pretzel.

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Perhaps if you approached the problem from a different angle?


We have a Mason Cash pottery “Spaniel bowl” that I bought at an equestrian shop in Yorkshire 25 years ago. It has crossed two oceans with us, one three times. While our current dog is not a Spaniel and doesn’t have floppy ears that would get wet while drinking, it is still great because it is so heavy that she doesn’t move it around.

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Why don’t you get a boat instead of a car? Problem solved. You’re welcome.

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