Funny review of a $45 dog bowl

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I will say a heavier bowl makes it so they won’t chase it around the floor like some do, but you can get a bowl like that for much less than $45.

When I puppy sit, though, the food and water go into some old camping bowls.


I will be your friend buddy, good work.

Gotta love Jack’s tail. I don’t think it ever stopped wagging.

Good dog, Jack, Good dog. :slight_smile:

p.s. my golden Levi says, “Hi, Jack! Great review!”
(in complicated dog-tail-waving language).


The You Betcha YouTube channel is constantly bagging on YETI. I love it.


We have a rubber mat under both the food and water bowls that keeps them form sliding and makes clean up a breeze. The real challenge was figuring out how to elevate the cat’s bowls so the dog doesn’t eat that too.

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Available in boing boing shop at 95% off for $100 in five, four…


Cat castle? Make it one of those top of the world type restaurants, put it on a rotating lazy Susan.


And what you get is the Tupperware.

Just up on a table where the dog can’t get to it. Though I have been thinking about building a kitty condo with a diner level.


I once resided on a chicken-ranch commune. My job was to feed the cats. Solution: put catfood dishes on the house porch overhang, out of reach of lazy birds. Note: my time there taught me that chickens are stupid, vicious brutes that deserve to be eaten by humans. Col Sanders was a hero.


Chicken is one meat I’m not overly fond of. Eggs, on the other hand, are delish. Fortunately living in central Texas we have lots of people raising chickens for eggs and they end up with more than they know what to do with.

I tried some KFC when they did that RoboCop commercial a couple years ago. I don’t know what they served me, but it wasn’t chicken.


I can see an… adventurous… role-playing Beemer-driving couple go for the 45 buck bowl (let me be the dog today) since they know the bowl has gotta be way better because it costs way more.

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Honestly, the selling point on Yeti is that the metal seals on their partial-vacuum insulated walls last. I love my Yeti mug and while I use a much less expensive Stanley cooler, I can see why they’d be good for that. But a friggin dog bowl? :man_shrugging:


You get what you pay for. I bought a number of their 20 oz. tumblers because they are top rack dishwasher safe and the lid is super easy to clean, whereas nearly all the knock off clones aren’t. combined with a rock-solid finish on them, that makes them worth the $30 price.

The food bowls look… gimmicky, but hey, people buy Cadillacs instead of Chevrolets…

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If Yeti-using dogs only knew! Tails a-waggin’!

Anyway, I have no issue with Yeti’s schtick: over-engineering outdoor gear. They’d be ideal for people who use them all the time. They could even be passed on and continue to be used with confidence. What kind of bugs me is the pricing which, I suspect, includes a hefty premium based on the brand and its advertised ‘mission statement’.


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