Water keeps my dog moving on long trail hikes

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My pup friend drinks H2o from my cupped hand, cost is very reasonable and I always have it with me.

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I don’t carry a waterbottle for me on doggie hikes, but after 30 minutes or so I am guaranteed Nemo melt into the Earth if I don’t bring water.


I’ve found the Handi-Drink ones are more robust. The pivot in the Gulpy’s can fail when dropped or going through heavy brush. Granted, I’m little harder on them than most people. My dog and I are out bushwhacking every weekend for search and rescue training.


There’s all this gadgetry, but what’s wrong with just a bottle?

Yes, it’s “wasteful” but Pokey likes drinking the water poured from the bottle. He likes drinking from hoses too. I have the impression that it’s running water, unlike stagnant water in a bowl, so it’s more like drinking from a river. So no need or fancy gadgets, he gets a change from his bowl. I get the feeling kids passing by like the sight too.

We have this and our dogs seem to really like it. We don’t hike too much with our dogs as 3 of them are getting pretty old and can only go a couple miles, but we take the crew to the beach and bring this thing along.

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I envy you folks. But then I remind myself that I barely have time to hike, and surely don’t have time to train a trail dog! (And having an untrained trail dog is cruel to the dog, to the environment and to other travelers.)

I’ll just make the unsolicited comment that a lot of dogs are spirited enough that by the time they’re balking, they’re actually in trouble. If your beast is melting into the earth after half an hour, offer that water every twenty minutes!

Thank you for carrying water for the pooch! I see people all the time with dogs drinking from water sources that their humans wouldn’t touch. (Uhm, don’t you know that you can get Giardia or Cryptosporidium from your dog?)

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I think you have answered your own question.

Water weighs. Your dog needs it. You need it. The more stuff you’re carrying, the more water you’ll need. The less you have to carry the better. The less you waste, the less you have to carry.


Ya, water’s heavy. My first Basset Hound loved hiking and would go all day. That meant five litres of water in my backpack and two litres on my belt. Plus his food… but, he’d drink straight from the water bottle so waste was low. He would never drink from natural water sources, but once he did drink from a fire hydrant (conditioned water, here) . The nose must have told him something :slight_smile: . My present dog uses one of those collapsing bowls, works pretty well but he always leaves half a bowl.

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