Cover your cat's anus with Twinkle Tush


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I enjoy household comets…
Step 1: Purchase massive quantities of tinsel during post holiday sales.
Step 2: Liberally mix the tinsel into the kitties’ food
Step 3: Faster then ya can say Aackk, we have have four little comets streaking around.

Not my kitteh.


If I want my cat to look elegant, I’ll buy Kitten Mittons:



just fyi, the ASPCA discourages letting your cat get into the tinsel, as it can lead to intestinal blockage.

Our cats like to eat anything they can get their paws on, so tinsel and pine trees are both no longer part of our indoor christmas decor


Are you sure? It seems inert and they really like to play with each other’s ‘tail’.


I feel like this device’s primary effect would be to increase the quantity of shit stuck to the cat.


Googling the words cat & tinsel turns up a lot of warnings, but I have no idea what the injury rate is, and some sources say that it’s a higher risk with kittens,

I’ve known one person whose cat suffered an intestinal blockage as the result of eating a long piece of string. Maybe length of the tinsel plays a role


Ummmm… what’s the point of the thing?


I guess to save your eyes from the terrible horrendous view of a cat’s anus?


That thing is going to end up in the owner’s bed and smeared with poo.

Slightly off topic, stickers and animated cats (like from games) that originated in Japan and South Korea seem to always have an X on the cat’s bum. Not a blank spot, but a tiny cute X.


And, the great thing is the tinsel is reusable! We’ve been doing the same with our cats for years now, all from a $1.99 bag of tinsel we bought from Big Lots in 2001! (My kids used to love competing to see who can draw out the longest “kitty sparkle”.)


Ah, there ya go, I chop the tinsel in half and all of the cats undergo a catnip-n-wheat-grass juice cleanse once or twice a week. (of course, the cleanses are staggered so that there is always at least one streaking star)


If you can get your hands on some multi-colored tinsel, put one of these on their head.


Sold! They’ll be like little unicorns farting rainbows! Adorbs!!!


There is no point. That would make it a butt plug.


I’ve been wearing one of those for years!


I’ve been wearing one of those for years!

Just to be clear, since the thread has meandered a bit–we talking Twinkle Tush, Unicorn Horn, or Butt Plug?


What a great alternative to drawing straws.


Perfect for deciding who gets litterbox duty.