Taking 50000 pictures of your cat pooping -- to get them to love you?

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This reads like revenge for your cat staring at you when you’re using the loo ~


Apparently, Cats aren’t real. They are drones created to monitor us pooping and to kill the bird drones created by their rival illuminati cabal.


I could type a long story here, but I have to go home now and check what is in the litter box so that I can pick the appropriate meds for my cat.


All I know is cats love you more when you smell like meat or dairy.


Or Cat Nip


I have a cat that likes to eat things she shouldn’t. Not long after she was adopted she ate a several inches long ribbon and had to be immediately taken to the vet where she thankfully vomited it out. Not long after the ribbon incident, a long section of shoelace was found in the litter box, thankfully passed without incident.

We learned quickly that anything long and stringy needs special supervision because it’s pretty much guaranteed to get ingested otherwise. Shoes with laces need to be put away. Toys with stringy bits need to be watched closely and put away once play time is over. Stray threads need to be clipped.

Anyway, to make a long story short (“too late!”), I’m no stranger to spelunking in cat poop to make sure things that are ingested that shouldn’t be get passed properly. No fancy AI is needed though — I can identify her poops easily enough, and the litter box scoop can cut it into pieces. Worst case, a pair of disposable rubber gloves gets the yucky job done.

The things we do for our cats…

It could be worse. When our two cats were adopted we learned the hard way that one of them had a tapeworm. Poop spelunking is far worse when the poop is moving.


We have sick kitties, we monitor the litter box, it’s not complicated.

We also have a bunch of Wyze Cams, didn’t need a fancy set up or any program writing. We use one if we think one kitty is not going potty.

But, she didn’t know which poop was which, check them all, if no plastic all is good, if there is plastic it’s probably the poop from the cat that eats plastic. If she thinks one cat is constipated she could just separate them for a day or two.

Not sure why a vet couldn’t tell if the cat was constipated with an examination and maybe an xray. Three grand?

Also in the fist minute of the video she feeds her cat plastic.

But, if her hobby is writing programs and making stuff then more power to her.


I remember having to tug on a string for one of my late cats many years ago like it was a popcorn garland for a Xmas tree… :grimacing:



But I heard if they eat your earphones they come out untangled.


Paging @Bobo

My vet told me that not all swallowed things or blockages will show up in an X-ray or ultrasound, which means expensive and potentially fruitless exploratory surgery. Things all parties involved would generally prefer to avoid.

That being said, if nothing seems wrong it’s not complicated to just monitor litter box usage. You don’t need high tech solutions but they can be fun to use for over-engineer a solution. Like @tcg550 I’ve set up cheap IoT cameras to monitor litter box usage at times. I’ve also used a motion sensor to alert me when the cat is using the litter box. If you have a sick cat, these things can be really critical to monitor.


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