Sometimes a cheap plastic drain snake will save the day

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The secret with these plastic drain snakes is they will last for a long time. The packaging indicates that you use-once and throw it away. I bought one at Home Depot for $4, and I’ve used it for the past 8 years. Just rinse if off, and store it under the sink.


It’s those stupid new traps that are two concentric pipes rather than a proper u-bend that are the problem. I have to dismantle ours every three months or so. I hate them.

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I have one that uses Velcro to grab stuff. Needless to say it’s a one time use thing. This looks a lot better.

It depends. These work well but are a little thicker than the velcro kind. That being said they don’t get past our bath drain mechanism as well as the thinner velcro variety. I have both at home just in case.

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