Hanging your headphones keeps them handy, but not smashed

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In other startling news, hanging your coat keeps it handy, but not stepped on! BRB, finding an affiliate link for a stupidly overpriced coathanger.


Might I suggest instead http://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-Vinyl-Coated-Screw-In-Bicycle-Hook-18048/202305571

Did you know that if you post a link to Amazon, BB automatically appends its own affiliate link to it?

Yep. Clever, isn’t it! :slight_smile: Must be something cool done down at the Discourse level.

Should work even as a link as well as the inline post.

Doesn’t that seem a bit shitty to you? I mean, I didn’t post an Amazon affiliate link, but there it is posted under my handle. Seems like something Cory would rail against if it happened to him.


Not really, no. Why should you (or me) be able to scab off the back of something someone else built by posting our own affiliate links?

That’s not what I’m doing though - it’s not like I posted my own affiliate link so I could make money. I just linked to an alternative, and BB wants to monetize it. By appending their data to my link, they’re implying that I want to make money for them, which I certainly don’t want to do for free.



Kind of a non-issue for me. I run an ad-blocker, which they’re cool about, none of the BB Store stuff is available to overseas, so if they want to take a chunk of Amazon money off my occasional order after MsF have had their slice at no cost to me, really can’t see the problem here. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you take it up with the bosses? Like, directly via PM or Twitter or something?


Keeping my china and glassware in a cabinet instead of strewn across the floor prevents it getting stepped on! Saved me tens of thousands in settlements to visitors for their mangled feet once I figured that one out.

Now I just have to figure out what to do about my workshop. I thought drilling holes in the floor to keep my drivers and drill bits point-up would be super convenient for quick identification but now I’m under indictment for setting a “booby trap.”


Come to think of it I solved this “problem” with a ¥39 bracket from the hardware store.

Aye, this be a bit daft. Also, the only “industrial strength adhesive” I trust anymore is 3M Command strips. (They’re endorsed by MC Hammer! No silicon hook can possibly hope to compete!)

What I’d really like is a solution for headphones after they get smashed. I came across this video once, but it seems to me that drilling holes in the headband would cause the whole thing to shatter irreparably even if it doesn’t hit the wiring.

My office manager would be of kind miffed if she saw that screwed into the side of my cube. Luckily, my cube hardware includes mounting slots and a shelf bracket. Leave off the shelf and I have a great protrusion for hanging headphones/headsets.

Sugru! It’s basically individually-wrapped globs putty that dries into hard, sturdy rubber several hours after being exposed to air. I had a broken headphone set, not the same model as the one in your video but with a similar sort of break, at the join between two pieces of thin, hollow plastic so a glue join would never hold. I used superglue to hold the two parts in place while I worked and then wrapped Sugru around the junction; it lasted for years and you’d never know it was there if you weren’t looking (black Sugru on black headphones, YMMV).

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Ah, yes, I’d forgotten about that; it’s been a little while since it was last mentioned on BoingBoing. I shall have to investigate. Thanks!

If they’re going so far as to monetize your links, it’d be nice if they also changed the link to go to Amazon Smile so some charity makes something from the sale as well.


You’re right. That would be nice and shouldn’t be any more difficult than auto-magically adding a tag.

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Pretty sure there’s more processing logic involved than adding a tag. Try posting a link with an affiliate tag already included and see what happens. Or an amazon-native shortened URL. Or an amazon affiliate link by way of a different URL shortener.

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Or just don’t post links to amazon.

Or just don’t visit boingboing. Or just don’t use the internet.

When did your innate sense of geeky curiosity atrophy?

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Almost certainly. :slight_smile:

My knowledge of what happens under the hood is just about enough to know it’s entirely powered by tiny demons and magic smoke. Well, the demons might not actually be real, but the magic smoke definitely is. I assume @codinghorror works with moon phases and black cockerels and strange incantations.