This Anker PowerCore USB power charger is an Amazon deal of the day


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Does Mark get a cut of the Amazon referral fees? Seems like all he ever does is post referral links to crapgadgets.


I think boing boing does get a cut of every Amazon sale made by clicking on a link from a boing boing website. So yeah, these posts are basically product placements…


IIRC, each contributor has their own Amazon affiliate code. However, Mark does not need anyone to buy any of the gadgets he posts about. If you click on an affiliate link, affiliates get a cut of everything you put in your cart in the next 24 hours and buy within 89 days.


Depends on the contributor. The link above definitely has a Boing Boing affiliate code though.


I’ve had an anker for ~4 years - longer than is reasonable given the cycles I’ve put through it and the many icy winters it sat in my backpack walking around town. I’m only ordering a new one because I want something with USB-C so I can power my laptop or phone off the same bank

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Updated: was offering the unusually low price of $25.99. That was before Amazon’s selling algorithms detected the buzz, and rapidly jacked the price back up to the usual $35.99:

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It was a one day deal, as per the OP. The price reverted to normal.


Ah, I missed that language in the OP, and Honey’s graph made it seem to me like it was a slow and steady price-dropping over many days, then a sudden return to normal. My bad!

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Is there anything wrong with that? BB doesn’t operate for free, also you can ignore these products if you so choose. I typically do but i certainly don’t mind BB talking about it if its not for me.

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Not necessarily mutually exclusive. It is possible that Amazon could slowly lower the price and then a day before they’re about to raise it slap it “Deal of the Day” sticker on it with a count down timer.


That’s pretty dirty.

Nothing wrong with it, but that seems to be all he posts. What does irk me is BB adding affiliate links to posts that users make. That’s pretty dirty too. I make sure that if i link to a product, I don’t do it on Amazon.


It’s not my preference that my Amazon links automatically reflect BB referrals, i don’t mind it ultimately but i don’t like that it’s done without my direction.

I’d still like to see BB offer a way to do paid subscriptions to support the site as an alternative to not see ads or see less of these kinds of posts, however i’m not sure the demand is there for that to be viable. I still hope though, i use the site daily.

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