Amazon Prime free 30-day trial


prime is really the one thing that got me hooked on being an amazon customer.

Cory, the 30-day Free trial is always going on so I am assuming that this is posted as an advertisement. I’m fine with that, but perhaps you should disclose it as such.

Also, in the interest of transparency you should also disclose that the link in the post goes through your affiliate account and that you get a small taste for every user that signs up after clicking that link.

Again, I’m okay with the advertising. A blog has got to do what a blog has got to do to make money. Just please don’t insult the readers by passing it off as news or failing to disclose the nature of the post.



BB normally flags advertorials, I’m going to assume that Cory simply didn’t know that it’s a permanent promotion.

Which boggles my mind because they push it on anyone that shops there (everyone), but hey, benefit of the doubt.

Hm… hilariously puffy non-article contains Cory’s Amazon affiliate link, so I tend to agree todd_sinclair. At least a little bit.

I didn’t realize it was always on – I saw it this morning for the first time. I have a browser plugin that appends my affiliate ID to my Amazon links.

Absolutely fair and honest oversights.

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