Hannibal's justice is more than blind in "Hassun" [s2e3]

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Anyway, I just wanted to respond to this part of the review:

We haven't seen nor heard of his cancer-stricken wife until tonight...

You mean this season? Because she did appear in Season One, in a marvelous guest spot by Larry Fishburne’s real-life wife, Gina Torres…

Wait, there’s a question that Hannibal is/is not the killer? I thought that was clear. Hannibal’s framing him for two reasons:

  1. He sees Will as a peer, someone with potential for the same capacities as him, i.e., also a high-functioning socio/psychopath. Will’s an interesting case because his empathy overdrive is exactly opposing Hannibal’s lack of empathy. (Though the series does a good job of humanizing Hannibal as an empathetic character, insofar as his psychopathy allows it.) He’s testing will to see if he can create a crucible that will transform Will into someone who resembles, but has to do so by manipulating Will externally rather than internally. He’s “making a friend.”

  2. In trying to “make a friend,” he’s easing into the role of the deliverer. Now that he’s framed Will, he can earn Will’s gratitude and friendship by exonerating Will and proving that he has Will’s back. Remember that he describes psychopathic motives as “goal oriented.”

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Replying to my own past to add: I’d argue that the episode where we find out about Jack’s wife’s illness (s1 e5, “Coquilles”) is fairly important because I believe that’s the one where Jack and Will sit together and Will basically offers him his support. (I’m gonna sit here until you’re ready to talk. You don’t have to say a word until you’re ready, but I’m not going anywhere until you do.").

It’s something of a turning point in their relationship and I think may be the basis of Jack’s agony over the current situation, and his unwillingness to condemn Will as a murderer.

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Cornelius, is that you?

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