Hannibal's long(pig) con "Naka-Choko" [TV Recap, S2E10]

I was convinced that Wil actually killed the reporter lady, now I don’t know. And I thought the threesome was a dream/fantasy but your last remark on it has me confused if I was mistaken about that.

Either way I just love this show. I don’t normally watch anything gory unless it’s pretty cartoonish and funny, but this show is so beautifully lit and set the gore even seems to function as a set piece as do the meals. I also like this Dr. Lecter better than any previous version.

I just realized the pun in Randall Tier’s name. “Tier” mean “animal” in German. I don’t know how I missed that in the previous episode.

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Also - watching this with headphones - the music composer is doing some amazing things.


Whoops, didn’t mean to imply it was real, just the director’s way of showing the psychological intimacy between Will and Hannibal.

I noticed that Fuller was mum on Freddie in the weekly A.V. Club episode walkthrough. The reporter completely avoiding Freddie, which makes me think it was on purpose, so Fuller can keep it a surprise.

I say it’s all the con. There is no way Will is really going as dark as he needs Hannibal to think.

He may well have killed Randal Tier in self defense and maybe he
really did enjoy it while fantasizing it was Hannibal. Who could blame him about that? I’m just convinced that he called Jack Crawford right afterward and Jack is in on the plan to get Hannibal to reveal something. Randal’s attack would have been enough to convince Jack. Another of Hannibal’s patients is dead and a killer and went after Will? The only thing about this theory that strains credibility is the idea that Jack would be okay with the mutilation and fake crime scene, but under these circumstances I could see him going that far after being deceived so completely multiple times. He may have just given Will the go ahead to do what he needed to do.

There is also no way in hell that Will actually killed Freddie Lounce. The meat he ate with Hannibal must have been that of Randal Tier. He has now convinced Freddie to be part of the plan. She could be tied up until it’s all over, but I really doubt it.

The reason Jack has to be in on the plan is that it would have been the only thing which could have convinced Freddie that Will wasn’t going psycho for real after seeing his freezer of long pig.

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That was my thought too, but if the writers are going full-bore with this gourmet cannibalism, then I would think someone like Hannibal would be able to taste the difference between male and female long pig (the fat would be different, for example). But that could just be my childhood with an avid hunter (who used every part of the animal, up to and including making head cheese) talking, and really most people wouldn’t know to think about such a thing.

It beggars belief that someone as used to buying loyalty and silence as Mason Verger would not have made Hannibal’s personal acquaintance before letting Margot say a word to him.

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