The return of Hannibal Lecter


Re: the fish dinner

Hannibal: “he was a flounder.”


I walked in with such low expectations during season one, only to find myself falling in love with monsters. Such a brilliant, unsettling feast of a show. Every time the camera pans across Hannibal’s dinner table, I find myself thinking of Hades’s attempts at wooing Persephone.

Season two’s first episode felt familiar, in the sense that the writers did their best to remain clever and interesting while also showing us where the chess pieces now stand. It wasn’t the absolute height of excitement, but I looked forward to every moment. Short of confirmation that Bowie’s been officially cast as Lecter’s uncle, Gillian Anderson getting more screen time is the best thing that could possibly happen. That, and more screen time for Beverly Katz.

Haven’t seen this one yet—may I assume it’s better executed than the later seasons of Dexter?

Well, I’m trying to guess what in a human could pass for fish. Hannibal doesn’t always serve people – he brought Will chicken soup that did look like an actual chicken. Also, I wonder if he’d be taking a little break from homicide since he’s under more careful scrutiny at the moment.

Whatever it was, I’d probably eat it.

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Oh jeez. Dexter spiraled off into a galaxy of suck all its own after season 4, no question.

Hannibal is still in its infancy, but I’d certainly say it’s strong. It’s a different type of storytelling vs. Dexter. We’re not just seeing things from Hannibal’s POV. Dexter had a bright and sunny Miami look to counterbalance all the dark, too, but Hannibal is much more baroque, very different from other shows on TV. I’d at least give it an episode or two. At least get to the mushroom men. Then decide.


Here’s the scoop folks - Crawford’s ‘program’ exists to create serial killers like Lecter. Will Graham is next in line for this process. Crawford and Lecter ware working together to traumatise him to the extent that they can control what he does and, eventually, who he kills. These are, of course, the same set of circumstances that surrounded Clarice Starling.

Being an artist – a painter, I enjoy the arresting visuals of this show so very much.
However, it was the image of the “flashback” where Will “remembers” Hannibal stuffing the ear down the tracheal tube(?) that really gets me.

It was so visceral, but also leaves the viewer with so much more of a feeling of violation than many other things might.
This is what I like so much about the character of Hannibal. He presents himself to the world as the supreme cool-headed, buttoned-down, dapper individual – yet it’s at these times that he allows his ugly, brutal, and sickening side to come out. It’s not so much that he’s killing people, or even eating them, but that he’s hiding the brutish parts of himself so far down that when they do appear, it’s always something so repulsive that you feel it deep down in your soul.


I keep having the suspicion that Anderson’s character is actually a figment of his imagination. She’s exactly the psychoanalyst he would want to have, you know? Like, EXACTLY. A little too perfect a fit to be real.

I have the suspicion that she’s closer to him than we realize – like perhaps a wonderful entree he once had.

Edit: Although this might not be true…if memory serves, didn’t someone from the FBI go to her home to interview her at some point?

We don’t know Bedilia’s complacency is in her involvement with Hannibal, she is implicated somehow.

The line, I believe, is “Don’t feel guilty for eating anything.” Not “I don’t…” Remember, he has fed Jack before - many many things.

The violence really echoes the violence of familial abuse, the intimacy in which the perpetrator has access to everything and is familiar with everyone. There is no one untouched.

And what is truly powerful about this series is the beauty, the color, the texture, the movement from scene to scene, the timing of movement… And the soundscapes match so well. It is beyond beautiful, not just a mental exercise or titillating but using the media in a way I am pleased to be able to enjoy. Which is truly disturbing, we are dining at Hannibal’s table and we don’t know what we are being fed but how can one look away from this cannibalistic visual feast?


Yup. Crawford came to question her in regards to Abigail Hobbes and if Hannibal might protect Will by covering up evidence for him. So she’s definitely real.

Plus, there was a scene from the Season 2 preview just after the episode ended that showed Bedilia talking to Will in the asylum. So, unless Will is having the same hallucinations (which, I guess is not out of the question), she’s real.

Ah, I forgot about that. Darn it! Thanks for the reality check, knoxblox and tdelucci.

I’m looking forward to seeing the whole story come out in regard to Bedelia. Meanwhile, the impression I have is that Hannibal saved her from the patient who was once stalking her – rude behavior, and as we know, Lecter abhors rudeness – and that forced a bond between them, much as the murder Abigail Hobbs committed did between herself and Hannibal. It’s the devil you know, after all, and he is certainly a charming devil.

Do any of you follow the blog of Hannibal’s food stylist? It’s another fascinating peek into an already fascinating series.

Whoa. They got the right guy for the job, clearly.

You know, they never did find Abigail’s body…

Right woman, actually, but agreed either way. She’s impeccable at her job.

Sorry…I’m a Midwesterner: “guy” is a unisex term for us. I refrain from saying “youse guys”, but I do say “you guys” on a daily basis…to my daughters. It’s one of those weird regional things.

No worries! It wouldn’t be Boing Boing if I didn’t learn something new and totally unrelated to the topic at hand. Thanks for the tidbit.

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