The return of Hannibal Lecter

Because Hannibal fed her to Bedilia. If you rewatch the scene in the finale where he brings her veal and they speak about the “controversial dish.” Yeah, teenage beef. It’s Abigail. The conversation was so loaded, it really made me wonder just how much Bedilia suspects. Like Will, maybe a part of her already knows. He did say she would never attend one of Hannibal’s dinners.

I love Janice Poon’s blog. It’s so interesting to see the practicalities of styling food for film and also what the show creators are trying to accomplish story-wise. And I stand corrected. The flounder really was person, treated most likely with hydrogen peroxide to bleach it. (Yeah, you do learn something new every day – I didn’t know some people bleach chicken thighs to make them look like breast.)

So this makes me wonder at the lengths Hannibal will go to to serve his “trophies” to other people and what he gets from secretly sharing them with others. A power thing? Sadistic private joke? Making them complicit in his design? I can’t wait to see what Will would make of it.

So, my theory about Hannibal’s psychiatrist has been severely beaten down by the last episode!

With everyone starting to second-guess and rally around Will now, how long can they draw out the series? Is this meant to be a two-seasons-and-we’re-done series?

I think this season will be about the discovery of Hannibal’s crimes, next season will see him on the run and Will’s capture of him and the fourth season will be the Red Dragon arc. Fuller has definitely said he can see the series building to Silence of the Lambs, if the network is interested in giving him more seasons.

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It shares a lot with Dexter, if you ask me. But, I also loved the first 3 or 4 seasons of Dexter. I found the first couple episodes of Hannibal to be so instantly formulaic that I almost gave up. But, by the third and fourth episodes, I was hooked. You should give it a shot!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved seasons 1,2, 4, and 7 of Dexter. But those bad seasons were bad. The series finale was worse than BSG and Lost. And that’s saying a lot because it took me a long time to even want to rewatch BSG because the finale left such a bad taste in my mouth. I feel pretty much the same about Dexter, despite it’s strong start.

I enjoyed Hannibal from the beginning, but I wasn’t really, truly over the moon about it Dr. Gideon entered the story.