Happy belated birthday to John Prine

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I learned about both his death and his amazing talent at the same time in this video from Late Night with Colbert. I want to say I was led to it from here, even. I bought an album right after - really great singer I never had heard of before.

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I miss him.

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I live in Nashville, TN and used to work with someone whose husband was a professional drummer (and who, coincidentally, trained the drummer in the movie The Commitments, but that’s another story.) One day we were talking about billiards and she mentioned her husband played snooker regularly. I asked where he found a snooker table.
“Oh, he plays at John Prine’s house,” she said.
It seemed like casual name-dropping but really Prine was the sort of guy who not only had a snooker table but would invite in just about anyone to hang out.

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