Happy birthday, Carl Sagan. Wish you were here

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I’m not crying. You’re crying.


Mr. X would be happy with the amount of cannabis legalization that’s happened in the last few years.


So say we all.


Don’t imagine he does.

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I can’t hardly say how important “Cosmos” was to me as an Enkling… that mathematics, science and reason were the driving forces in the real universe (not the mythological/moral one we’ve been taught in church, synagogue and mosque).

Every once in a while I’ll watch all the ‘Sagan Series’ NASA ‘ads’ just to hear him talk, or throw on an old episode of Cosmos while I work. James Burke also holds a special place in my heart. Connections, The Day the Universe Changed… I feel a audio bender coming on.

Happy Birthday You Happy Mutant Carl! See you on the other side of that brane…


Billions and billions and billions… his narration of Cosmos was epic. His voice is very hypnotic and soothing.


Ah, what a fantastic speaker he was :slight_smile:
Even when answering the questions afterwards, unprepared, he has just the right form of words and illuminating examples or anecdotes.


The Demon Haunted World saved me from my credulity, especially vis-à-vis alien visitations and Fortean phenomena. I wish I knew where my copy went. (Probably aliens took it.)


In a lot of ways he was the forerunner of the New Atheists of the 2000s. He was less confrontational, which was both an advantage and a drawback. On one hand, his gentle approach of getting people to think about evidence and skepticism was seen as less “arrogant” than theirs, but on the other hand this very trait meant that “The Demon-Haunted World” didn’t made nearly as much of a cultural impact as “The God Delusion” and the like.

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So THAT’S why I’ve been listening to High On Fire all day!

Hail Sagan!

“Pale Blue Dot” plays a huge role in the 2014 movie “Men Women & Children,” which I watched recently & liked.

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