Digitized items from the Carl Sagan archive go live on the Library of Congress site


I was curious and it turns out yes, the collection is named after the same Seth MacFarlane who created Family Guy.

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MacFarlane landed in the title because he donated the money that allowed the library to purchase the papers

from: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/reliable-source/wp/2013/11/12/science-geek-seth-macfarlane-donates-to-carl-sagans-notes-collection/

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Where the hell is Sagan’s Nobel? Yes, yes, he didn’t stop any wars or whatever, but he deserves (IMO) to be lionized as much as humanly possible.

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Nobel Prizes are not awarded posthumously.

That was more of a rhetorical question on my part, but thanks.

If you can’t be pedantic on the internet, what’s the point? :slight_smile:


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