Watch Carl Sagan's classic lecture series for kids and adults


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This was three years before Contact. At this point, Sagan was known for a few popular science books, particularly “The Cosmic Connection.” So this is very much a time capsule from before he became very famous.


Not seen this. Will definitely view.
I always watch the RI xmas lectures - have done for years now. Even though aimed at kids, they never disappoint and I always learn a lot.

They announced this week that they are (nearly) all now available (that’s all the televised ones) with the exception of a few from the early years of televising, where tapes were never kept. They’ve launched an appeal to try to find old tapes that may exist somewhere…


I’ll have to bookmark these to watch over the coming days. After watching just the first few minutes of the very first episode, I’m already enamored with Sagan’s constant belittling of Earth: “small” and “insignificant” and such. Nice contrast to the constant chest-thumping bombast of 2018.


Wait until he gets on about astrology near the end! He really encourages critical thinking in his teaching style.


I remember watching these the first time. The whimsical image of Carl having tea with two guests from the audience in front of the Viking model on the surface of Mars, is one that’s stuck with me for all the time since.



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